RNN Servers - Solo servers and others to come.....

Currently we have 2 servers administrated by ReallyNewNoob.

-Solo Only Community Weekly server is a very fast pace server, normally wipes every Friday 4PM EST, map and BPs are always wiped, many 5k+ hours players. It is a custom 3.5k map with extra recyclers /monuments to help progression. This server has been online since 1/2016 making it one of the oldest if not the oldest solo only server in activity.
For sure not a server for a beginner player.
-Solo Only Community Hapis Chill, wipes map and BPs every first Thursday of the month when time Facepunch releases their update. It is a very chill atmosphere.
No Raids allowed and KOS is limited to monuments until 1 week before the next wipe when raids and KOS are unlimited.
Is a 5 times slower upkeep, lots of players build huge compounds as they need less resources on TC to keep the base from decaying.

We have really active adult admins. Since we started to count bans in 2017 more than 570 players where banned.

For rules go to our discord page https://discord.gg/UvnVtTH
Read and follow the rules, have a good time while playing here.

Solo Only Community Weekly info links

Solo Only Community HapisIsland info links